About Us

    Peking University School of Nursing (formally known as Faculty of Nursing, Beijing Medical University) was among the first nursing schools to restore higher education in China. It was granted to be the first school of offering Master Degree program in nursing by the National Education Committee, the People’s Republic of China in 1990. The school is also granted to offer training for students with expectation of completion of doctoral degree in Nursing, it is also the key institution of the Education Steering Committee for higher education in nursing, approved by the Ministry of Education P.R.China. 

    The School has 36 faculty staff and 830 students, and is consisted of five departments: Medical and Surgical Nursing; Midwifery, Women & Child Health; Fundamental Nursing; Community Nursing, and Humanities in Nursing. The teaching staff hold qualifications for both teaching and clinical practice, with the enthusiasm of providing the best learning experiences for students from diploma, degree and postgraduate training programs and meeting the needs of individuals seeking to become nurses, midwives or to continue professional development after registration.

    The school has existing educational affiliation agreements with more than 20 agencies including hospitals, community health centers and long-term care settings. Moreover, it has access to rich resources from both main campus of Peking University and the Health Science Center. The full-time degree level nursing students spend their first year in the main campus of Peking University to equip them not only with professional education but also comprehensive understanding of art and science. PBL approach has been employed in the daily teaching and learning practice, with the aim to develop students’ capabilities in self-directed learning, creative thinking and to enhance their clinical competency.

    The school faculty is enthusiastically involved in research activities. The main research areas focus on but not limited in community nursing, clinical nursing, care for patients with long-term conditions, care for the elderly, mental health, health care management and nursing education, and established international collaborations with the renown universities from many countries as well as the Special Administrative Regions (e.g. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau). It also maintains a good collaborative relationship with HOPE Foundation, KELLOGG foundation and the China Medical Board (CMB).