Nov 26,2018

Prof. Hong Lu visits Griffith University as co-supervisor and co-PI



  To promote joint education and research projects, Prof. Hong Lu visited Griffith Univeristy (GU).


  On July 9, 2018, Prof. Lu gave a presentation on GU Gold Coast campus, with the title of Thinking and exploring midwifery development in China: from exploratory study to practical reform . The presentation focused on the midwifery development in China and Prof. Lu’s two studies in the midwifery field.


  Prof. Lu giving a program seminar at GU


  Prof. Lu, as co-supervisor of a doctoral student in joint-education project between PKU and GU, also met with Dean Anderson and other staff in the School of Nursing and Midwifery of GU to progress existing collaborative work and discuss future collaborative work. She also visited Gold Coast University Hospital.


  In addition, their proposal Joint P roject Development to Inspect Eectiveness of B ehavioural Economic Tools Improving Post Abor t ion Family Planning Services (PAFPS) among Adolescent Girls  has been awarded finantial support under the 2018 Griffith University and Peking University Collaborative Research.


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